about us

Let me introduce myself to you....


Hi my name is Kalpesh Lad and i'm the key owner of RAMA massage therapy,

 providing mobile service to your doorstep at your convenience. I'm a male qualified therapist in deep tissue sport massage therapy, I offer my services to male and female covering all parts of Yorkshire. 


How I came up with this business venture?


During my early teenage years, friends and family noticed i had a special gift of curing pain using my bare hands and pin pointing pain which i never took seriously. As years went by i noticed something inside of me was telling me I needed to put my gift into practice in helping people relief of pain by using massage therapy. I then progressed to take on a course in deep tissue sport massage therapy leading me to be a fully 

qualified professional therapist. 

Deep tissue massage/sport massage is beneficial in so many ways for those who live a very active lifestyle. It's highly recommended of those who experience lower, upper back pain, and neck pain. Causes of these tissue damages can be from proactive lifting, regular driving, sitting at a desk or at a work station in one position, there are soo many different ways that pain could occur. 


Massage in essence provides you relaxation after being tensed, having a massage helps the flow of circulation around the body and it also reduces blood pressure. If you experience any injuries, massage would help and be beneficial for a quick recovery.